TURBOSOG Fume Suction System
او آی آنالیتیکال - oi analytical - TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

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TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

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TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

Cost-effective and compact, use Gerhardt’s TURBOSOG with any KJELDATHERM or TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems to remove and neutralize acid fumes.

Gerhardt’s powerful fume scrubber efficiently removes and neutralizes acid fumes. The two-step process optimizes fume extraction and because no activated carbon filters are used, the system is virtually maintenance free. Cost-effective and compact, the TURBOSOG can also be used with the KJELDATHERM and TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems.

TURBOSOG Features:

  • Two-step process
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Cost-effective and compact
  • او آی آنالیتیکال زایلم - OI Analytical - Xylem brand