GC packed Columns
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GC packed Columns

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GC packed Columns

Product name: packed columns

category: GC packed columns



















 Teknokroma is able to manufacture GC packed columns with these tubing materials:









 Stainless steel 




































 Teknokroma have a full range of supports and GC phases to perform GC packed columns under customer demand:


















 Data required by TEKNOKROMA to manufacture correctly a GC PACKED Column:









 material of the tube

 % Phase







 Brand & Model













 Tratement (WAW,WHP,…)













 Feel free to ask for the availability and price to Teknokroma Export department









 Teknokroma export department will kindly send you the QUOTATION REQUIRED


















 Please contact with Teknokrroma export department (Mrs. Gemma Castellvi)


















 Direct Phone: +34-93-544-20-46









 Phone: +34-93-674-88-00










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